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Kurvana ASCND cartridges convey probably the best oil in California. Kurvana ASCND refine their concentrates to a state of too high-power utilizing blossoms from a solitary source in each group.

Generally Our solitary recommendations are to change the external plastic cylinder out to a glass one and lower the cost.

ASCND is a summit of the most recent extraction science, progressed gadget innovation and their full-range oil for the most perfect articulation of intensity and quality.Likewise

Besides, The kurvana trucks started from a little, in-house venture to make the most powerful vape cartridge accessible without yielding immaculateness or taste.

besides Because of its exceptionally intense cannabis oils yield inconspicuous taste profiles,

the ASCND profiles are smooth and light. Try not to be misdirected by ASCND’s fragile taste and exquisite gadget.

With cannabinoid potencies arriving at 95%, its belongings are moment and exceptional.

Additionally, With a shoddy item in their initial beginnings, Namely they currently looks for reclamation in a pristine cartridge.

Another cartridge needs another name and they consider it the Kurvana ASCND. which accompanies kurvana battery ,

That’s short for ASCEND, a name which infers an excursion to the top side of the mists.

Kurvana ASCND cartridges own the famous spotlight yet would they say they are on a par with the publicity proposes? Discover in DabConnection’s full audit and see why it made our rundown for the best THC vape cartridges in CA.


kurvana kpen has the accompanying attributes;


right off the bat, Super High-Potency

also, Pure, High-Quality Concentrate

thirdly, Delicious True To Strain Flavor

additionally, Efficient CTEC Coil Heating System

Instructive, Tamper-Proof Packaging

Kurvana ASCND Cons:Similarly

right off the bat, High Price Tag

also, Plastic Mouthpiece and Tube


Kurvana ASCND cartridge approaches flawlessness in a cartridge. be that as it may, One concern is the 510 strings, which didn’t easily accommodate our Vessel Battery.

This could be an assembling deformity. Kurvana utilizes a plastic cylinder and mouthpiece, which could twist whenever left in the warmth. Regularly Kurvana ASCND Amnesia Haze sits at 90.65% THC and 0.46% CBD With impacts that set in so solid, it’s nothing unexpected the THC level is that high.

ASCND Cartridges flavors:

Particularly The Kurvana ASCND vape cartridge offers excellent, full-range separates in the most recent artistic warming innovation.

Our assortment of ascnd cartridges flaunts the trend setting innovation and immaculate quality that this items are loved for.

The individuals who are keen on a hefty cannabinoid that gives a solid buzz and fragile taste shouldn’t miss this items,

and Kurvana ASCND cartridges are no special case. Their profoundly intense oils, inconspicuous taste profiles,

and rich development make certain to be a moment top choice.Consequently

ASCND flavors:

astronomical paste (half and half): An euphoric diesel that loosens up your brain and body while placing a skip in your progression.

Earth OG (indica) :

Heating flavors kissed with a hint of soil and an OG rich connotation, gotten done with a full-body unwinding.

Stream fuel (indica) : Consequently

Vigorously quiet sentiments welcomed on by a definitive cross of the most famous diesel strains.

amnezia dimness (sativa):

Impactful, lemony hints offer route to an unquestionably gritty fragrance that livens up your essentialness.

amnezia dimness (sativa) :

Impactful, lemony hints offer route to an unquestionably gritty fragrance that livens up your essentialness.

lunar OG (indica) :

A sharp, minerally OG hits the front line of your tastebuds, trailed by a trace of lemon to enable you to loosen up.

northen lights (indica) :

A profoundly botanical breath of new mountain air that raises your psychological elevation.

purple punch (indica) :

A profound taste of sweet, clingy OG and grape candy that bit by bit leaves you in a quiet and charming outlook.

mimosa (mixture):

Calming citrus noticed that give a fair degree of solace, suggestive of a loosening up early lunch with companions.

pink sharbert (cross breed):

A reviving mix of strawberry and banana that slices through mental fogginess with lively natural notes.

C Jack (sativa):

An immediately unmistakable and sharp smell that sets up an exemplary sativa shock.

desert plant cooler (sativa),By the way

Empowering desert organic product flavors merge with a potent kush trailing sensation.

high style (sativa),

Sweet and bubbly with notes of red berry, conveying a loose yet euphoric head change.

key lime (sativa),

A gentle lime flavor with both sweet and smoky smells, improve vitality levels and elevate disposition.

tangie dream (sativa),

The corresponding taste of orange strip and sweet citrus oils offer an invigorating encounter.


  • blacberry kush (indica)
  • ace OG (indica)
  • Original Blueberry (indica)
  • genuine OG (indica)
  • grapefruit kush (half and half)
  • G.S Cookies (mixture)
  • blue dream (sativa)
  • jack herer (sativa)
  • pineapple express (sativa)
  • sharp diesel (sativa)
  • nightfall tea 2:1 (injected indica)
  • banana smoothie 1:1 (mixed cross breed)
  • lemongrass (mixed mixture)
  • cranberry orange (mixed sativa)
  • Eucalyptus mint (mixed sativa)


  • Blackberry kush (indica)
  • citron OG (indica)
  • ace OG (indica)
  • unique blueberry (indica)
  • genuine OG (indica)
  • grapefruit kush (mixture)
  • G.S treats (mixture)
  • blue dream (sativa)
  • jack herer (sativa)
  • pineapple express (sativa)
  • sharp diesel (indica)

KPEN Infusions: Cannabis Infused Line

  • energy organic product (implanted indica)
  • also, nightfall tea (injected indica)
  • thirdly, banana smoothie (mixed mixture)
  • additionally, kool mint (mixed sat)


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